I'm Joshua Pluenneke, a college student with a keen eye for photography and videography. Over the past three years, I've delved deep into the world of visual storytelling, capturing moments that unfold before me. My heart lies in the art of photography, and my lens is my medium of expression.
What sets my work apart is my genuine love for working with both animals and people. There's a unique beauty in each moment, whether it's a candid interaction among friends or the grace of an animal's movement. I strive to encapsulate these moments, preserving them in images and videos that evoke emotions and tell stories.
As a student, I'm constantly honing my craft, learning new techniques, and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. My journey in photography and videography has only just begun, and I'm excited to share it with you.
Let's embark on a visual adventure together, as we explore the world through my lens and uncover the beauty in the everyday.
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